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Dr. Rachana - lady doctor near me

Our Specialties

She is working as a private Homeopathic Practitioner.She is an expert in Gynaecological Disorders.

She is also an expert for Preventive Homeopathic Medicine: to build up the immunity against common childhood diseases.

She practices Classical Homeopathic and prescribes purely homeopathic remedies.

Family History

Late Dr. Amulya Ratan Banerji (Great Grand Father) “Who established Homeopathy in Gorakhpur”.

Late Dr. Hemant Kumar Banerji (Grand Uncle ,Paternal) “Renowned Homeopathic Physician of Gorakhpur, Uttarpradesh).

Late Dr. Ranjit Gannguly (Grand Father, Maternal) “Renowned Homeopathic Physician, Didwana Rajasthan.

Late Shri Santosh Kumar Banerji (Grand Father) Ex. Railway Officer.

Dr. Ram Ratan Banerji (Father) “Awarded by YashBharti Award in year 2016", and most famous and renowned Homeopathic Physician of India.

Area of expertise

Children: Autism, Asthma, Allergies, ADHD, Common Cold, Tonsillitis.

Women: Acne, Hair Fall, PCOS (PCOD), Pregnancy Issues, Skin Diseases, uterine Fibroids.

Working Adult: Acidity, Chronic Constipation, Back pain, Depression, Obesity, Psoriasis.

Elderly: Arthritis, Diabetes, Joint Pain, Insomnia, Prostate problems, Parkinson’s disease.